Sunday, December 31, 2017

How I Got to Here

Some stories are difficult to share.  Christmas afternoon my dad was showing us old home videos.  One was twelve years old.  I was enjoying watching my nieces and my oldest child...until the panning camera caught me.  Twelve years ago I weighed  60+ more pounds than I do now.  I joined and failed at Weight Watchers more times than I will admit.  I tried everything...Adkins, variations of Adkins, Cabbage Soup name it...I probably have that t-shirt.

I had so many fresh starts:
  • every New Years Eve
  • each new baby on the way
  • each new baby delivered
  • each friend that got engaged
  • every season change
  • every new Weight Watcher plan coupon that arrived in my mailbox
I was a starter but not a finisher.  I had lost hope. I didn't believe in myself.

Then June 2011 my world slowed way down...
I had my first Multiple Sclerosis episode. Suddenly I had to evaluate everything that I believed in.... 
  • God--He was still with me and I had to decide that I could trust Him in this new phase of life.
  • My husband-- we had taken the traditional wedding vows: "for better for worse, in sickness and in health" these vows have stood--thank God
  • Motherhood--I was called to be these young men's mother
and the list goes on

From the beginning of the diagnosis I prayed (and believed) and searched for non-drug help.  I have done traditional MS therapies--and currently I am taking medicine.  I also have had two adipose stem-cell therapies--and I would do them again. 

In 2010 I had a neurologist tell me that I would be in a long term nursing facility in 3-5 years.  I started looking for hope!  I changed neurologist and this one wanted to work with me in finding more natural remedies. Yes, he has walked with me during good times and not as good times. He always encourages me to keep trying.

So in 2013 I landed in the hospital and we found out about The MS Recovery Diet. Sometimes God leads us to answers. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired!
So when I talked to my doctor about the book he said "yes this can help you. But you are an American and we don't mess with Americans food." {I still love him!} Suddenly I had to believe in me--no on else could do it. I totally changed my way of eating and my WHOLE situation changed
  • I started walking
  • my symptoms lessened
  • I was thankful for what I could eat
  • I focused on taking care of myself
  • the weight came off!  I really didn't work at losing weight...I worked at taking care of me so I could care for my family!
I focus an what I CAN eat and NOT what I can not.  Being thankful for what I can eat has been a big factor in my being able to stick with my eating lifestyle.

I am not writing as the diet police...but I want to encourage others to be able to believe in their selves and to make right decisions.
1 Peter 3:15

Saturday, December 30, 2017


At the end of the year...and the beginning of a new year a common theme is saving money--finishing the new  year not broke.  I have seen so many weekly savings plans.... $25/week, $50/week--good goals but then Murphy visits--life gets busy and life happens.  Today, I ran across this great article that deals with pennies!  Tammi, a mom of three,  blogger at My Organized Chaos shared this back in February 2016 (what took me so long to find this?).
Go here to download and print Tammi's chart!

Looking over this chart I have already thought of ways I am going to find that money!  Every time I put away one of these small bits of money I will check off that box.  I printed each of the boys their own charts. So far they are not jumping on the opportunity.  I am convinced that my boys (ages 13,12, and 9) could reach this goal!  

Great places (for adults or kids) to find change:
  • laundry
  • jacket pockets
  • counter tops
  • purses/backpacks in storage
  • toy boxes
  • between sofa cushions
  • sidewalks
  • around vending machines
The list is endless! I am convinced!  My husband keeps accusing me of planning on him to give me the $667.95--{Don't let us forget who is the "Head Laundry Mistress" in this household!}

It is a great goal!  And what if I make it to the $667.95?!
How could I spend an extra $667.95?
  • how would it feel to see a little hopeless mommy and make her dream come true?
  • or freshen up some widows landscaping and paint their front doors?
  • or leave a large tab for suspended coffees?
  • okay... I have already checked airfare to  spend part of January 2019 in Phoenix (yeah, my Aunt Wanda needs me to visit!!)
Prosperous, Healthful, and Blessed New Year to All

Friday, December 29, 2017

2017 Favorites

Today I am going to share some of my  favorite 2017 finds!

Favorite You Tubers

The Daily Connoisseur  okay I liked Jennifer Scott before 2017.  The three books she has written are on my favorite books list.  Her channel is a weekly dose of etiquette, recipes, lifestyle and house keeping ideas.

Sounds Like Reign Lovely little family that makes beautiful acoustic gospel music videos.  They share their life stories and testimonies in the videos.  Their music is available to download for free or they do sell Cd's.  Sounds like they really want to share,eh?

Jamerrill's Large Family Table Okay...Jamerrill and I could be real life friends--home-school mom, shops at Aldi's, and shares great freezer meal ideas!

Family Time 

 Adventures in Odyssey This is totally worth the money!  We are now in our second six month subscription.  It works out to about $3 a month per kid since we have 3 boys.  The magazine is a great quality magazine.  The stories promote good character.

Lamplighter Books this Christmas we invested in several of the audio books.  We have been captivated by the stories as we travel.  Lamplighter books are out of print books that Mark Hamby has started republishing....the audio books are dramatized and exciting. Want to listen to some? Lamplighter Theater  is played on 80 radio stations in 30 countries!

Catan is definitely our family board game of the year!

My Favorite Find!!
Mr. Siga Floor mop  {not an affiliate}  I love this mop!!  the little towels I just rinse in the sink and snap back on to mop!  One side is terry-- great for mopping and the other side of the towel is microfiber- great for dusting!  The handle is telescoping and I can easily dust and wash my walls with it.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

86 Years of Marriage

Today the Day family is celebrating 86 years of marriage.

49--my parents (12/16/1968)
21--my brother and his wife (12/14/1996)
16--Bryan and me (3/3/2001)

Today is the big celebration of those 49 years. Those 49 years were not all easy I am sure. They lived in 6 states, raised 2 children, were blessed with 7 grandchildren and I only wished I knew how many vehicles they had during that time!

Those 49 years have paved the road for their childrens' marriages.  We were raised that you stay together and get through difficulties together.  You raise the children together.  I can remember growing up and EVERY time my mom told me no to something if I was brave enough to ask my dad hoping he would go ahead and say yes he would always say your mother already said no.  Sometimes they would discuss matters between themselves then come back with a new verdict.

In those 49 years they traveled all 50 states.  That was my dads dream.  But my mom went and saw it through.

Eighty-six is the big number.  The 86 has effected the 21 and the 16.  Not ruled but drew the map.

I pray the big number grows bigger and that the 21 and the 16 follow without stopping.  And one day 7 more numbers will begin and carry on.  That is legacy.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Ark Encounter

The Ark Encounter--from the time I heard about this being built in Kentucky I knew that I wanted to go.  Finally we got the I was so unprepared.  I knew it would be a museum of excellence--I had already experienced the Creation Museum and expected nothing less of Ken Ham than a first class adventure!

The Ark Encounter--is the most appropriate name.  Upon boarding in minutes I realized that I was in for so much more that a museum tour--I found myself in a spiritual emprise.  I have always believed the story of Noah and the ark.  It is a great story.  Almost any child of four years or older can tell you some of the story--even if they have not had the privilege of attending Sunday school.  The story is found every where...nursery decor, Little Golden books, toys, cartoons....and the list could go on.

But a visit to the Ark Encounter--suddenly the truths that were planted in my heart as a child were validated, made concrete, and rallied my walk with Christ now as an adult.

What I brought off the Ark Encounter:
**organization is the will of God.  The Ark Encounter is a wonderful detailed example of how organization assures law and order to what could very well be chaos. [recipe for disaster: animals that usually eat each other caged in close quarters. 3 brothers cooped up together during a 40 day rain!!! 3 sister-in-laws dwelling together--yeah not going there...AND a mother-in-law--lets just say we all figure the Bible gracefully left out some story details]
**all of the people on the Ark had to have very specific talents and gifts to help it all work.  I know God gave them wisdom and knowledge.  He made sure that they acquired knowledge and skills--either before boarding or while on the job.  So I am once again assured that He will prepare me for my journey in life.
**God cares about the tiniest details and already has a plan for them.

The cost-- the costs of going to the Ark Encounter is one of the first things mentioned when someone brings up the subject of going.
--the Ark Encounter is a first class state of the art experience
--here in America people eagerly pay admission to concerts, movies, game rooms, sport events, theme parks, shooting ranges, golf courses...
--the cost of boarding the first Ark was quite great---and the eight people that decided to make the sacrifice were forever grateful.

So the Ark Encounter---absolutely no buyers fact we are considering annual passes.  It was an excellent field trip for the boys--and for me!  I learned so much.

I think the timing of our trip was perfect.  A snowy December Tuesday morning..  The Ark was not terribly busy. We were able to take time to read and enjoy the whole experience.  We didn't do the outside park opportunities...but something about snow and bitter cold winds made our decision.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Christmas Break

School started and I took off running.  I haven't stopped. Until now and without a break I will crash!  

I am so ready for, all the decor is not out and I don't have any gifts wrapped.  I am ready to stop. To meditate. To take time as the year is closing to reflect and count my blessings.  I know the accomplishments of 2017 are way out numbered by blessings.  Already this 'Christmas Season' I have enjoyed peace and joy.  I am purposely trying to avoid stress that obligatory consumerism brings.  

I remember as a little girl seeing the acronym JOY .
And it works!  If we keep Jesus first, then focus on the time we get to ourselves we find JOY.

Christmastime seems to draw most people back to childhood memories...whether good or sad.  This year I have made an effort to connect with old friends who probably feel forgotten.  It is the first time in several years that I have sent cards.  I have been making the excuse that I  added up the costs and just let the kids buy a mission gift through World Vision.  They love "giving" ducks or chickens or a goat...and we can still do that. {Writing a check is easier that addressing evelopes!!} But this year I decided to go ahead and send the card (140!) and let friends know they were remembered.  Some will be surprised.

At the beginning of the month our church hosted the Milikin family with Rachel McCutcheon for a Christmas Concert...Eli has been singing about having an Arkansas Christmas ever since!! 

So far Christmas 2017 has focused on events and visits with friends...maybe we are making new traditions...I hope so!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Club 100

The door going out of our school room is steal. So I decided to take advantage of that blank area by making that our Club 100. I still had robots so I used those. Each time one of the boys makes a 100 I will put his name on a magnetic label and put it under the subject. I guess at the end of the 9 weeks I will have a prize for the one with the most.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Our First Read-a-long For 2017-18

A couple of months ago I was privileged to go through a personal library and take any and as many books as I wanted. I tried to be discreet and take only a few. This book grabbed my attention and begged to join my library.  I wasn't looking for items to sell but since I was offered this opportunity I didn't want to waste it. And I sincerely plan to read the treasures I was gifted.

TO BE OR NOT TO BE was written by S.D.Chambers the pastor of Kilburn Presbyterian Church in Newark, New Jersey , 1921.
This is a collection of sermons and talks for "juniors".  Each chapter deals with issues that begin with"B".  The "B" word is explained on a "junior" understanding.  In all there are 26 talks of "B" issues that are still prevalent for young people today.

I am enjoying these and so excited to discuss them with my three young men.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Plan for the school year

I am breaking into my update posts on the school room organizing---yeah it is still in progress but I stopped to plan a little bit. Back in the spring I blogged about ordering A Plan In Place Planner for this school year and now I am sharing it in motion!

Starting point-- Mission Board.  Mission?!
**survive the school year
**still love the boys by the end of the school year
**Everyone complete the grade
**graduate them

When I sat down and actually pondered it I found that I do have a mission beyond survival...and now to map out goals to get me there.

Next are the brainstorming blocks for each student and extra for the other things that we are involved it.  I have one for the math class that I am teaching at our  co-op----I want it to be the best math year ever for each of my students!
Next before planning our breaks I am filling life, family,and Church events that I know are happening:
Some thing never change so plan for them first. {once again Christmas will be December 25th this year!}
We already have the dates for the youth conference--so we wont to be out for that!  This is how I start my plan.  Then as life happens we can look ahead and re-arrange days as needed.

For the last two years we have ended our school year by attending a missions conference.  And that is my goal for this year too!
For daily planning I mainly record what we finished each day.  We do 170 days...Ben's work arrives broken up that way.  Nate's work follows the co-op and so with Eli I have to make sure that he completes his grade when the other 2 finish . Beside the weekly plan page there is a page for me to keep track of the boys music practice, youth group activities, volunteer obligations,recitals, and so forth.  Across the bottom: A WEEKLY MENU PLAN! that is an area that I am trying to submit to and practice.  Want to try some of these to see if this is the planner for you?  Free printable here!

Hopefully my next post will be progress in the school room :-)

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Reading Bulletin Board

I am planning to share our school room for 2017-2018 as it comes keep checking back.
Ben will be schooling in his room this year since he will be doing ABEKA DVD and I don't want the other 2 watching his videos instead of doing their own work.  We don't exactly have a true "school room" but we have an open area off from the den that walks out of the basement.  It is a great space!  The area has a door that opens to Ben's bathroom so our school will have a convenient bathroom!

Nate and Eli will have tables to work at--even though there are 6th and 4th grade I want to keep the room decor fun.

So our motivational bulletin board :-)

Nate's reading record:
Eli's reading record:

I think that the little bulletin board kit came with about 30 blank belly every time they each finish reading a book I will make a title label and stick it on the robot belly!

Thanks for reading!  I hope that as I post our "school room" that something may spark an idea for your school this year!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Yard sale treasure!

Several years ago I this tool box at a yard sale for $2!!( <-----sometimes I am amazed about how I can remember details of insignificant events!!)  I brought it home and over the years have used it to organize scrapbook supplies, and other crafty hobby supplies.  For the last several years it has sat in storage. And several times I have tried to give it away!!  Today I cleaned it out and I wanted to paint it...but something about the heat index being in the low 100's I am putting that off until a better day. Even so look!!  Is this not an excellent storage for our school supplies?!  The lid lifts and in there I am storing answer keys.

If you missed out on taking this out of my ways--sorry! But knowing how I am one day as our homeschooling room and needs evolve I am sure it will be up for grabs again.  And I hope by then I have it nicely painted!

To Co Op or Not?

I share openly with parents that are working out how to school their children my own experiences.  Do I know it all? No, but I think I have been down all the roads: public school, private school, home school, and homeschooling with help. My personal favorite?  Homeschooling with help.

Homeschooling with help--co op has been my most successful choice.   The term "Co op"comes from the word "cooperation".

Cooperation by definition:  an act or instance of working or acting together for a common purpose or benefit;
joint action. 

At my local co op we have parents who take on all kinds of jobs so that other parents can provide opportunities for their children.---But this can not be carried out as an individual.  One parent may coach but other parents may have to take on other jobs: carpooling, snacks, and so forth. My local co op is large enough the we have an academic co op(grades 6-12) and an enrichment co op(preschool-6th grade).  Some parents volunteer to teach a class a class while others divide up the other responsibilities that are vital to the program. 

Belonging to a group not only provides accountability but it also ensures support.  On more than one occasion I have been able to draw from another homeschooling moms experience.

Co ops are usually made by a group of members with similar values. My local homeschooling co op is made up families practicing the christian faith.

 10As every man hath received the gift, even so minister the same one to another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God. 
I Peter 4:10 KJV

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Treasures in my yard

I had a friend pass on to the next life this week.  And of course I am reminded to treasure every day. This afternoon I was out enjoying my yard and decided to share it:

Flowers that were on clearance and pitiful a couple of weeks ago.
Look at this guy...I have heard that the ugliest caterpillars make the prettiest moths--I hope so! He is on my lovely Kentucky Coffee Tree

My guys and their friends have climbed and made forts in these trees for years.

My first jalapeno pepper--I am sure I will eat it by Monday!! 

Tomatoes happening!

This apple tree is full--but look at the leaves!  I haven't noticed red and yellow spots on the leaves before.  My other apple trees have beautiful leaves but no fruit.

...sigh... my small garden...this year I felt this was all I could tend. Even so if it is like in years past I will probably still be able to can beans from it and be able to share too!

I hope you are having a lovely summer and taking time to enjoy it!

Monday, June 26, 2017

Grace For Today

2 Corinthians 12:9King James Version (KJV) 9 And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.
For six years and twenty-two days I have known that I was ill.  Many days I think that I only realize the symptoms. I have good days and I have better days. For three years and eleven months I have been walking. My gait is not always smooth but it has been worse.
Then there are days like today where I sail through and suddenly I just have to sit or rest and remember that sometimes I just have to slow down wait until I am functional again.
From the time I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis I have asked that people pray:
#1 that I would be healed
#2 that I would have grace
#3 that I wouldn't become bitter
I have purposed to live aware and not afraid.
I don't know how I will be tomorrow or even next week. For a couple of hours today I felt that I was slipping into an "episode" but now I am at peace and looking forward to tomorrow in hope of another good day.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

From My Porch

Here is the view from my porch tonight. It is a lovely 81°. The sun is slowly setting. 
My lazy cat is napping so he will be ready for his hunt tonight. I know he hunts at night because in the morning there will be part of a mouse caught from the night before.
I came out to read and write but I had to move out of the rocker because a hummingbird kept whizzing by my face. I moved and he left. I don't understand this game but he tries to play it a lot.
I text my neighbor and mentioned she might join me on the porch for tea. My porch is my favorite room. An old friend came by Monday got out of her car and said don't worry about your house let's sit on the porch and visit.
We all need to get back to porch visiting.
Thanks for sharing a visit on my porch.

Finishing My Bullet Journal

I used to be a scrapbooker--life got busy.

I have always been a list maker.  And a planner.  I prefer paper planners.  And I have tried and successfully used several.  I have used the classy and sufficient Filofax. I have been through a few Plum Paper Planners and enjoyed each one of them.   My favorite homeschooling planner is the A Plan in Place Planner --hands down.  

I am nearing the end of my Leuchtturm 1917 Notebook. Last fall I got into bullet journaling.  And indeed that is the best book for it. Why am I returning to a planner?  I need the monthly calendar and the weekly to keep me on track with my household.

I truly love the detail of a bullet journal so I will probably get another Leuchtturm notebook and I will include task lists, project notes and Common Place musings :-) 

Here are a few of my bullet journal pages
 Daily Tasks

Another trial tasks page
Common bullet journal set up

Index page

Monday, June 19, 2017

Summer Oil Study

For a couple of years I have had an interest in essential oils and I have collected quite a few.  So far I have only used them to scent homemade cleaners.  But I have decided to get serious--no, I don't plan to get involved in a multi-level sales adventure, however, I am not opposed to purchasing from you if you do sell and educate :-)

So, this book arrived today:  Essential Oils of the Bible.  I am only a few hours into it and in love!  The book has so many recipes and scientific facts behind the usages.

Studying essential oils is my summer self-improvement project!  For me this is a fun read--often I read a lot but it usually has to so with the guys homeschooling.

Please  leave me a comment and share your favorite oil and how you use it!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Friend Mail

I have heard of people who received fan mail...and it piles up.  The person who sent it they would not know. They may hire someone to reply to the fans.
Friend mail...touches the heart of the recipient. Even if the mail is sent from someone in their distant past.
Friend mail is way different than a notice that someone wants to "friend" you.
Take time to send a note today through the mail. It is like hug.
What to say in the note?
**reference a memory with them. You don't have to recount the whole story.
**share a simple event from your day
**tell the title of a book you are reading
**cut an article from the paper or a magazine
(Or print off an article on line you think they might enjoy)

A couple of years ago I wrote a letter to an elderly man, who had been one of my teachers over 20 years ago in college...and he wrote back!  In fact he wrote back twice before I ever responded to his letter!  He wrote me until he died several months later.  Was I his favorite student? No, probably not... that doesn't matter. I was definitely one of his favorite in the last few months. Why? Because I let him know that I remembered him and he was important. I am so glad that we had correspondence before he passed.

Take time to let someone know that they are not forgotten. A short note may be just the hug they need today.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Homemade Spray Starch

I am drawn to simplicity and purity.  July 4th will be 4 year anniversary of my personal commitment to changing my diet and lifestyle to improve my health.  I do give the credit to God for the improvement of my condition. I wholeheartedly believe that He lead me to the knowledge of what changes I needed to make and the grace to carry through. I continue to study ways to improve my heath and for the last several months I have tried to avoid toxins even not food related. 

 My latest venture is starch for ironing. I had already begun to use non aresol starch.  And wondered if I could make my own... so this is what I finally got to suit me:

1 1/2 cup hot water
(Not boiling)
1 1/4  T corn starch

Stir in the starch while water simmers. When corn starch is dissolved pour into glass spray bottle. Add 1/4 cup of water. Then add +/- 5 drops of lavender essential oil.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017


I love books.
I love to read.
Yeah, usually I have more than one book going at a time.
I love to talk about books.

Today I want to share my must reads. I could suggest so many books. But these are the ones that I am so sure of that often I gift these! {I am a believer in gifting what I love!}

Christian Experience



{these books are my reference!}


There are many, many more books that I love... but these are the top ten that I always have to ask others who are passionate about similar interests to mine if they have read.

I do read by Kindle--but all these are worthy of owning and worthy prominent display in my home.