Monday, July 24, 2017

Plan for the school year

I am breaking into my update posts on the school room organizing---yeah it is still in progress but I stopped to plan a little bit. Back in the spring I blogged about ordering A Plan In Place Planner for this school year and now I am sharing it in motion!

Starting point-- Mission Board.  Mission?!
**survive the school year
**still love the boys by the end of the school year
**Everyone complete the grade
**graduate them

When I sat down and actually pondered it I found that I do have a mission beyond survival...and now to map out goals to get me there.

Next are the brainstorming blocks for each student and extra for the other things that we are involved it.  I have one for the math class that I am teaching at our  co-op----I want it to be the best math year ever for each of my students!
Next before planning our breaks I am filling life, family,and Church events that I know are happening:
Some thing never change so plan for them first. {once again Christmas will be December 25th this year!}
We already have the dates for the youth conference--so we wont to be out for that!  This is how I start my plan.  Then as life happens we can look ahead and re-arrange days as needed.

For the last two years we have ended our school year by attending a missions conference.  And that is my goal for this year too!
For daily planning I mainly record what we finished each day.  We do 170 days...Ben's work arrives broken up that way.  Nate's work follows the co-op and so with Eli I have to make sure that he completes his grade when the other 2 finish . Beside the weekly plan page there is a page for me to keep track of the boys music practice, youth group activities, volunteer obligations,recitals, and so forth.  Across the bottom: A WEEKLY MENU PLAN! that is an area that I am trying to submit to and practice.  Want to try some of these to see if this is the planner for you?  Free printable here!

Hopefully my next post will be progress in the school room :-)