Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Friend Mail

I have heard of people who received fan mail...and it piles up.  The person who sent it they would not know. They may hire someone to reply to the fans.
Friend mail...touches the heart of the recipient. Even if the mail is sent from someone in their distant past.
Friend mail is way different than a notice that someone wants to "friend" you.
Take time to send a note today through the mail. It is like hug.
What to say in the note?
**reference a memory with them. You don't have to recount the whole story.
**share a simple event from your day
**tell the title of a book you are reading
**cut an article from the paper or a magazine
(Or print off an article on line you think they might enjoy)

A couple of years ago I wrote a letter to an elderly man, who had been one of my teachers over 20 years ago in college...and he wrote back!  In fact he wrote back twice before I ever responded to his letter!  He wrote me until he died several months later.  Was I his favorite student? No, probably not... that doesn't matter. I was definitely one of his favorite in the last few months. Why? Because I let him know that I remembered him and he was important. I am so glad that we had correspondence before he passed.

Take time to let someone know that they are not forgotten. A short note may be just the hug they need today.


  1. Replies
    1. Think of the love you will be giving if you send a note!

  2. What a great idea, I'll have to think of some one to write.

    1. Write someone who will be surprised the most!

  3. In January I challenged myself and some readers on my blog to write a letter. I chose a sweet friend in Illinois that I treasure. I moved from Illinois a few years ago. I miss her. She was so thrilled to get a Handwritten letter. It truly is a treasure. Great idea.

    1. I treasure handwritten notes and letters too. And I love to send them because I know how it feels to see the familiar handwriting of a friend😍