Friday, April 20, 2018

Great Kentucky Field Trip/ Day Trip

It is the end of our school year...{read: we are pushing to remain focused and finish!} Thursday we took a wonderful field trip!  ***I have to stop here at the beginning and preface this by saying one thing that made this day great was being with our A.B.L.E. home-school group!

Our first stop was Ale8one Bottling Plant ( <---tour details here) Before the tour we learned the history of Ale8 and were shown some original tools for bottling. The tour ended with a fresh cold bottle of Ale8!

After the plant tour we stopped in the gift shop and discovered Ale8 products-- so far I  have tried the salsa and it is amazing!!

After leaving Ale8one  Bottling Plant we ate lunch we went on to the Toyota plant in Georgetown.  I don't have any pictures from Toyota--but the tour is great for kids and adults.  Plan your tour here!

Sample of what you will see :

My boys are still quoting the tour guide about how Toyota is a great place to work---now to get them back on their school work for today so one day they will get a job.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Finally! A Perfect Homeschooling Journal

Finally, a home-school planner/journal made for homeschooling moms!!  Last week I attended a seminar "for moms who fear homeschooling high school".  I estimated 50+moms I didn't feel ashamed. {there were several dads attending too!} The speakers were veteran homeschooling moms {who had graduated children that went on to productive careers, colleges and universities} as well as a local college administrator and an academic adviser.

So much great information presented...and I was starting to feel pulled deeper in my sea of inadequacy when this supermom shared her planner--actually FOUR for each year!  Now she was speaking my language!  After she explained how easy it was to track her son and produce his transcript from these {he got accepted into a fancy private university!}she set them out for us to thumb through.  Yeah, I am shameless...I immediately flipped it over, scanned the bar code, and ordered it from Amazon! ...then I looked at the price...$5.95!!!

Now I am off to finish shopping for my Freshman!!P.S I have already been placing some reading material for me!! and why not... shop for school :-)