Friday, December 30, 2016

Finishing Up 2016

2016 is finishing up... I am completing projects and setting new goals. But today I felt really moved to reach out to some old friends--let them know I was thinking of them and to wish them a happy new year. I set a letter writing goal for 2016...and I did send many.  But even now I wished I had sent more.

2017 is a breath away.  I haven't set all of my goals yet...but entering 2017 doesn't feel stressful. 2016 was a good year. Looking back I have a lot of satisfaction. And with that satisfaction is hope for 2017!

Will I blog consistently in 2017? I hope so...I would like to watch my progress.  For now 6 handwritten letters posting tomorrow--I hope they bring smiles!

Monday, July 4, 2016

Kids FLY for FREE!!!

 So I kept hearing of this great opportunity for kids to try flying...and I kept passing it by because it is for kids 8 and up--then Eli turned 8!!!!  So we have done it and I have to share!!
Young Eagles Flying Program  This is such a great opportunity!!!!  The kids get to hang out with a pilot learn about his plane then they get a free ride!!!  And a certificate to remember the experience!

And they can keep returning to try flying again!

After age 12 they receive a "logbook" and as they continue in the Young Eagles Program they and study and receive ground instruction through Sporty's Pilot Shop.  Then as they progress through the program there is opportunity for flying lessons and guidance in finding a career in aviation!

Monday, May 30, 2016


I came across this picture and screen shot it:

I am not even sure what it was attached to or about but it struck a chord in my heart.  I have had to think over this.  Lately I seem to be pondering forgiveness, resolution, and trying to let people know they matter.

** forgiveness-- seems to sweetest when served sooner rather than later
--the hardest person for me to forgive is myself.  I find after I allow myself to forgive someone I feel the release of the prison of hurt and bitterness from offender but I can't always free my self from the guilt of my part of the offense even just for initial investment of conflict.

*Resolution--sometimes resolution takes time. Sometimes it just can never happen.  I have learned from experience that when both parties can agree the only solution is to start from where you are now.  The past can't be fixed or rebuilt sqq sometimes you just have to start from this moment on.  Agree to build from here.  Don't reach into the past and try to build with damaged materials.

Peace cannot happen on broken bridge --forgive those.  Move on. Find a strong place to build.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Week 2 of Summer School

I am so excited to share our morning basket for our second week of "summer schooling".
My two oldest guys are doing a couple of pages a day in Handwriting for teens.

Just for fun and to keep sharp we are doing about 10 minutes a day of flash card drills followed by a group activity from Family Math.

Our artist study is Norman Rockwell.  So far we have watched a short biography about him on YouTube.  We have a calendar of his pictures we are studying.  We are finding common features in each (like how his name is always signed in stencil).  Recently we found three puzzles of his work and have put these together as a family.

While the boys work on the puzzle is a great time to get in another chapter of our current read-a-loud: Islands of the Blue Dolphins.

What fun things have you found to keep your homeschoolers fresh and sharp?

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Plan Now!

Plan your field trips now!  I know everyone hasn't finished school yet...but I also know that the curriculum sales are in full force!  However it is the greatest time to plan field trips!  Last year --about this time I found that there were a little over 700 FREE tickets available for students to The Louisville Youth Orchestra! When I called to reserve our Homeschool tickets the operator told me I got the first five! SCORE!!!

Also I was able to purchase State Fair tickets for $2each!  State fair is a great way to start the school year!  

State fairs are a great places to collect information about great places drivable, local festivals, historical re-inactments and friendly farms.

Start making plans now so that after life gets busy with schooling and public schools begin to fill up the venues you have tickets! 

Last summer I noticed that the Nina and Pinta floating museums were docking for a few days only an hour from us and the VERY week my fourth grader was studying Columbus!

Plan now!

Saturday, May 14, 2016


At least not until we get our "schooling area" freshly painted .  Actually I am still finishing up a bit of paperwork, filing away last years test, just small things.  This Tuesday my co op is hosting a community used curriculum sale {which will force me to finish emptying our cabinet}.

Alas, I confess:
I love touching fresh books!
My heart is a little giddy about planning!
I am forcing myself NOT to open the lab kits!

Two day shy of being out of school for {only} two weeks and I am excited about starting again!

Friday, May 13, 2016

My Library is Happening!!

Years ago I worked in the library at the college I attended.  Recently I have came across moms in the homeschooling blogging world that have personal libraries!!! like 1000s of books!!!  I know this is my destiny!

 My job was repairing books and cataloguing audio {read cassette tapes!}  Having that job from time to time I came across treasures!  One such book arrived to my station basically a s a stack of pages.  I totally rebound it and read it.  Afterward I read it and shared it with patrons.  Soon it was the "hot" read and not available.

  In my library venture I knew I needed this book!  I bought it last week on Amazon for 78 cents!  Four dollars shipping!  And it arrived today in MINT SHAPE!!!!!!

This is a very exciting start to my own personal library!