Friday, May 5, 2017


Friends don't let friends fail to plan!
{fail to plan,
plan to fail}

My a planner and record keeper--
but I wanted her to try my favorite homeschooling planner so I bought her one for a gift.  {the best way to recommend something is to give it as a gift!}

School year 2016-2017 is closed here! And this year before I shopped for next years curriculum I bought my planner!  The same one that kept me in line this year!

A Plan In Place planner.  

This planner is truly the best! {And over my schooling years I have tried quite a few!} Probably the success is because it was designed by two homeschooling moms! {Thanks Suzanne and Kim!}

I loved the weekly layout!
I was able to track all 3 of my guys work and piano practice! The menu plan at the bottom of the page was a constant reminder if I needed to start prep during the day.

On the website there are several options for customizing your planner....but I will share a special favor that they did for me :-) Since I am keeping the planner for a record of our schooling I asked for an attendance record added. {This is already in the student planner.}

The mom planner has so many neat record keeping pages...but here are two of my favorite!

Just a simple review just for fun for my homeschooling moms.
Check out all of the options here!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Treasured Threads

I had a collection of a few yards of yarn that had gone into precious projects. So I decided to make a scarf from these lovely yards.  I warped my Ashford Knitters Loom with these lovely yarns. And what a mix of lovelies!  Haiku, Tili Thomas, Mountain Colors, Cascade.

So happy with my new scarf! Lovely yarns and precious memories!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

2500 miles!!

I finally reached 2500 miles on my fitbit!!

I a few weeks I will have three years invested in Fitbit.  It is a friend! It just tells me the truth. When I am active it shows...and yeah when I am not it definitely shows.

I love looking over the graphs on my account and seeing progress.  And seeing when I need to get in gear and get moving!

Another important feature for me is I have set mine to alert me when it is time to take my medicine.

Worth the money?

Sunday, February 5, 2017

First Try Bread

I started making bread when Eli was a year old. And it is great bread.  I have continued to make it even after I went gluten free.  So for almost 4years I have made bread--only for family, friends, neighbors.  One day my next door neighbor told me just because I went gluten free that he didn't.  Yes occasionally I send one of the boys over with a fresh loaf.

Today I am home bound caring for 4 males with the flu. --->ever heard of "Man Flu"--just sayin'!!

So I decided to try to make up my own gluten free bread recipe!
And it turned out good--I will definitely be having fresh bread again!!

5cups of Bloomfield Farms Gluten Free All Purpose baking mix

2tsp salt

1pkg dry active yeast

1 egg

4Tbsp honey

4Tbsp oil

2 cups hot water (not boiling)

Combine all dry ingredients,honey and oil. Then stir in water. 

Heat oven to 200°. Turn off oven set dough in oven to rise for 20 mins.

Knead dough lightly. Divide into two lightly greased bread pans. Place in the still warm oven for 2 1/2 hours.

Bake at 375° for 25mins. Let bread cool in pans for 3 mins then flip bread out and allow it to cool upside down (this will keep the bottom from being soggy.)

The bread is flakey yet spongy.  I am already thinking of new additions to try- like bananas! Pumpkin! 

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Treasure Hunt!

This morning a friend and I met at a local coffee shop--  Vibe Coffee Shop.  Braving the 14 degrees 7:30 this morning.  While we waited on a library sale a couple blocks away to begin.  {Wendy and I may or may not have discussed camping out last night to make sure we got in first!--glad we met for coffee instead!}

It was a great score!!  48 books for $48!!  I got some curriculum, several biographies, classics and Hardy Boys!  Thinking maybe I need to start cataloging our books before our home library gets out of control. 

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Do Not Try This At Home

Sharing our sibling science again today:

First set of experiments:
Static electricity
Materials: two beautiful heads of blond hair and a plastic comb
**so I combed the lovely hair and held the comb over squares of tissue paper.  The squares moved some but I was expecting them to move more.

Second set:
Gassy Belly

First experiment:
Necco candy in water--few bubbles

Second experiment
Conversation heart candy in a solution of baking  soda and water.  The candies fizzed a little.  after a couple minutes I added vinegar and a plastic lid.  Lots of foaming and the top of the lid popped up some.

Third experiment
 A mento in little plastic cup of soda.  Quite a bit of fizzing. But I snapped on the lid and it was contained. After a few minutes we added vinegar and put the lid back of...this time the lids indented area popped up. The soda began to find loose areas around the lid and drip out.  After the solution settled some everyone begged to add baking soda. So we did!! Immediately got an erupting we quickly snapped on the soon as I took my hand off--there was a huge POP and a platic lid flew through the air!!

The candy hearts were supposed to dance--they did not...however the mento explosion was the hit of the day!

P.S.  for the moms who are fearfully wondering...yes there were " Daddy Gas Belly Stories"!!LOL!!!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Motivation is Spelled...

Motivation is spelled C.O.M.P.E.T.I.T.I.O.N. at least at our house.  So this is my latest "bait".  A simple CONNECT FOUR game.  At the start of the day I take all the game pieces.  Through out the day Nate and Eli can have a game piece every time they earn one--and immediately place it! That causes each of them strive to earn one before the other.

How to earn:
**make 100% on a test
a.finish a subject for the day
b.make their bed a chore

Academic pieces have to be earned before any chore ones can be earned. Pieces must be played as soon as earned...that way a handful cannot be earned all at once.

Even after the motivation loses its glamour it is still a fun game to put on the shelf for family game night!