Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Our First Read-a-long For 2017-18

A couple of months ago I was privileged to go through a personal library and take any and as many books as I wanted. I tried to be discreet and take only a few. This book grabbed my attention and begged to join my library.  I wasn't looking for items to sell but since I was offered this opportunity I didn't want to waste it. And I sincerely plan to read the treasures I was gifted.

TO BE OR NOT TO BE was written by S.D.Chambers the pastor of Kilburn Presbyterian Church in Newark, New Jersey , 1921.
This is a collection of sermons and talks for "juniors".  Each chapter deals with issues that begin with"B".  The "B" word is explained on a "junior" understanding.  In all there are 26 talks of "B" issues that are still prevalent for young people today.

I am enjoying these and so excited to discuss them with my three young men.