Tuesday, June 20, 2017

From My Porch

Here is the view from my porch tonight. It is a lovely 81°. The sun is slowly setting. 
My lazy cat is napping so he will be ready for his hunt tonight. I know he hunts at night because in the morning there will be part of a mouse caught from the night before.
I came out to read and write but I had to move out of the rocker because a hummingbird kept whizzing by my face. I moved and he left. I don't understand this game but he tries to play it a lot.
I text my neighbor and mentioned she might join me on the porch for tea. My porch is my favorite room. An old friend came by Monday got out of her car and said don't worry about your house let's sit on the porch and visit.
We all need to get back to porch visiting.
Thanks for sharing a visit on my porch.