Sunday, July 23, 2017

Reading Bulletin Board

I am planning to share our school room for 2017-2018 as it comes keep checking back.
Ben will be schooling in his room this year since he will be doing ABEKA DVD and I don't want the other 2 watching his videos instead of doing their own work.  We don't exactly have a true "school room" but we have an open area off from the den that walks out of the basement.  It is a great space!  The area has a door that opens to Ben's bathroom so our school will have a convenient bathroom!

Nate and Eli will have tables to work at--even though there are 6th and 4th grade I want to keep the room decor fun.

So our motivational bulletin board :-)

Nate's reading record:
Eli's reading record:

I think that the little bulletin board kit came with about 30 blank belly every time they each finish reading a book I will make a title label and stick it on the robot belly!

Thanks for reading!  I hope that as I post our "school room" that something may spark an idea for your school this year!