Thursday, June 29, 2017

Treasures in my yard

I had a friend pass on to the next life this week.  And of course I am reminded to treasure every day. This afternoon I was out enjoying my yard and decided to share it:

Flowers that were on clearance and pitiful a couple of weeks ago.
Look at this guy...I have heard that the ugliest caterpillars make the prettiest moths--I hope so! He is on my lovely Kentucky Coffee Tree

My guys and their friends have climbed and made forts in these trees for years.

My first jalapeno pepper--I am sure I will eat it by Monday!! 

Tomatoes happening!

This apple tree is full--but look at the leaves!  I haven't noticed red and yellow spots on the leaves before.  My other apple trees have beautiful leaves but no fruit.

...sigh... my small garden...this year I felt this was all I could tend. Even so if it is like in years past I will probably still be able to can beans from it and be able to share too!

I hope you are having a lovely summer and taking time to enjoy it!