Monday, June 19, 2017

Summer Oil Study

For a couple of years I have had an interest in essential oils and I have collected quite a few.  So far I have only used them to scent homemade cleaners.  But I have decided to get serious--no, I don't plan to get involved in a multi-level sales adventure, however, I am not opposed to purchasing from you if you do sell and educate :-)

So, this book arrived today:  Essential Oils of the Bible.  I am only a few hours into it and in love!  The book has so many recipes and scientific facts behind the usages.

Studying essential oils is my summer self-improvement project!  For me this is a fun read--often I read a lot but it usually has to so with the guys homeschooling.

Please  leave me a comment and share your favorite oil and how you use it!