Saturday, July 22, 2017

Yard sale treasure!

Several years ago I this tool box at a yard sale for $2!!( <-----sometimes I am amazed about how I can remember details of insignificant events!!)  I brought it home and over the years have used it to organize scrapbook supplies, and other crafty hobby supplies.  For the last several years it has sat in storage. And several times I have tried to give it away!!  Today I cleaned it out and I wanted to paint it...but something about the heat index being in the low 100's I am putting that off until a better day. Even so look!!  Is this not an excellent storage for our school supplies?!  The lid lifts and in there I am storing answer keys.

If you missed out on taking this out of my ways--sorry! But knowing how I am one day as our homeschooling room and needs evolve I am sure it will be up for grabs again.  And I hope by then I have it nicely painted!