Saturday, April 30, 2016

Book Review: the Organized Homeschool Life

So much more than a book review!  This is a book recommendation!!
I purchased this book myself and I am sharing it because it has stirred my heart and given me hope!
by Dr. Melanie Wilson

Over the past several months I have "met" Melanie on Periscope--and it has been an instant friendship and mentorship!

The book!!

Melanie--you messed up a little....this book is for everyone--even non homeschoolers!

First--the book is divided
*by months
*by weeks

Second--use it how it works for you!

As I read through the Table of Contents I wanted to jump in and do every week this week!  But I stepped back and considered starting with week one.  Then I thought I would embrace May--since tomorrow is May 1.  The first week of May challenge is:  "Organize Clothing Challenge" so "week 19" will be where I start.

Week 20 is the organize vacation challenge.  Our vacation is a few months away--although I am at week 19 in life right now... week 20 is months away.  Ah! But the book is flexible!  I will just look at the list and see which one feels like where I am.

Is this overwhelming? No--it is like a gentle conversation with a friend over a cup of tea. You know-- you mention a struggle and the friend confides that she has been there and tells you what she did.

Each week is broken up into simple tasks/goals to help you conquer the challenge.

Will I arrive to an organized life in 52 weeks?
No because life continues.  But I will have a framework that will help me feel focused and secure.

Thanks Melanie for the book--

for the conversation!

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Morning Jump Start

Okay I know that this is not the official "Fly Lady" app but I promise it is just like having Marla on your phone!!  Sometimes mornings are overwhelming... and with this app I can check off a task and be encouraged!  Even just getting through the morning routine keeps me from feeling like a failure.

At first that morning routine seemed useless.  But when I started taking care of that list before starting my day I can fly with ease! And now that my day starts with Fly Ladies morning routine I start in full force!  Even like today when I slept until almost 8am!

With the morning routine out of the way I have a jump start on my day.
Whatever I don't get checked off is carried on to the next day.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Homeschooling on the go?

Yes!  Life happens!  A clipboard is an instant take along class!  What will strangers say? And people who obviously don't agree with homeschooling?

Who cares?!

Because if they can see and realize that you are schooling then you are!

Easily my boys could be sitting in a classroom.  And maybe no one would notice that they are distracted or not even working.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that what I am doing is legal.
What I feel is best for my family.

And it is working for us.
I have to remind myself that I am not in this to ease concerns of others.
Enjoy your homeschooling journey.
And free yourself from the worries of how others are judging and comparing your journey!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Fitbit says: MOVE

So it is a cold April Saturday morning here in Kentucky.

And no I am not setting Fitbit records.  But I am conscious and intentional.

See the little red guy?
I am watching him.  In each hour that I get 250 steps in a red ball will light up. If I do 1000 in one hour I will not get four.  The object is that you move some every hour.  This has been going on all week.  So far I have gotten 8 balls in a single day.

My goal today is to get all 9!
It is now 11am--so I will put away some laundry and chase that 11 o'clock ball.

What are you doing toward your heath/fitness today?

Friday, April 8, 2016

Outgoing Mail!!

I love letter writing! And I send a lot of letters!  I especially love to send letters to people who are not expecting one! 

Everyone needs a letter!
Sick people.
Busy people.
People incarcerated.

A letter doesn't have to be an epistle! Just write it! What to write? "Hello" is a great start! Share the weather, a highlight from your day, a quote a funny fact...anything! Just the simple fact of receiving mail, proof that the recipient was thought of!

A short note can and will brighten someone's day.
Don't just think about it...

Want a letter from me?  Send me a direct message on Twitter (@antoniarenee) and I will send you a letter :-)

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Yes! We Can Do It!!

So here is my fitbit results for today!  I didn't reach any of my goals...but I am not beating myself up because I know what my day entailed and all the extra times throughout the day that I did push harder.

I am a very faithful fitbitter!  The accountability and encouragement that I have received from fitbit is PRICELESS.  Often I am asked. "Oh does it really work?". Ummmm really? Absolutely not!! I work! It:
**tracks my movement
**reminds me to take my meds
**allows my fellow fitbitters to track and compete with me

So how did I lose over 60lbs?
I got serious. Real serious. Due to having a chronic disease I changed my habits trying to obtain the best health state that I could--sometimes we just have to do the right thing.  I cleaned up my diet--for real!! I started eating clean AND I sincerely became thankful for my food! <--- huge key to success!  When I share my diet changes people often tell me they can't live on "clean foods".  My health had went down hill. I was suffering from Multiple Sclerosis and heard about this clean diet that many were seeing great results from--so I tried it! Almost three years later I am fit, I walk, drive, take care of my children and am a part of my family!!  Every day I thank God for this!  No junk food taste as good as living.  I am thankful for all the tasty healthful clean foods that I have learned to love!

That is a great part of my drive for fitness!  A body in motion stays in motion!  After learning to walk twice in the last 5 years I know the importance of getting up and pushing.  I don't always reach my fitness goals...but the more often that I do the better I feel.  I can't afford to give up.  I have to keep trying to make each day better. And you do too.  It was weeks of wearing and watching my fitbit...eventually I did hit the 10k goal! And now it is a common occurrence--yet I celebrate it every time!

Don't say you can't... proudly set your goals...celebrate each one.   I can remember the thrill of moving from "obese" to overweight on the BMI chart.  Now I am in the "normal" range...but determined not to settle until I reach the midpoint of that.

Remember success is failure turned inside out.  We can do this!

Monday, April 4, 2016

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Finishing Strong

Fridays lesson was school day number 150 and lesson number 145!  This year the two little guys are using the ABEKA book curriculum it has 170 lessons--so the end is in sight!! It has been a good year --and I am thankful.  But as next year's curriculum arrives I find myself forcing myself to focus on the task at hand! We must finish the year strong!!

The new shiny books and organized lab kits are calling to me!  Our curriculum choices for next year will be a post soon...spoiler alert:  I will tell you that we are going to be adopting the Charlotte Mason Method.

Back to finishing the year is the plan:
--field trips--we need to have 177 days of school. We have 25 more lessons so I have 2 days for exploring in real life.  First on the list is the science center in St.Louis and next a mission conference.
--as the year closes we need to sort and purge school supplies.
--decide which non consumables I want to sell, trade, share
--evaluate our schooling area and consider how it might be arranged better {I already want to paint it a fresh color}
--start finalizing my records
I hope everyone will join us in finishing strong!