Thursday, April 7, 2016

Yes! We Can Do It!!

So here is my fitbit results for today!  I didn't reach any of my goals...but I am not beating myself up because I know what my day entailed and all the extra times throughout the day that I did push harder.

I am a very faithful fitbitter!  The accountability and encouragement that I have received from fitbit is PRICELESS.  Often I am asked. "Oh does it really work?". Ummmm really? Absolutely not!! I work! It:
**tracks my movement
**reminds me to take my meds
**allows my fellow fitbitters to track and compete with me

So how did I lose over 60lbs?
I got serious. Real serious. Due to having a chronic disease I changed my habits trying to obtain the best health state that I could--sometimes we just have to do the right thing.  I cleaned up my diet--for real!! I started eating clean AND I sincerely became thankful for my food! <--- huge key to success!  When I share my diet changes people often tell me they can't live on "clean foods".  My health had went down hill. I was suffering from Multiple Sclerosis and heard about this clean diet that many were seeing great results from--so I tried it! Almost three years later I am fit, I walk, drive, take care of my children and am a part of my family!!  Every day I thank God for this!  No junk food taste as good as living.  I am thankful for all the tasty healthful clean foods that I have learned to love!

That is a great part of my drive for fitness!  A body in motion stays in motion!  After learning to walk twice in the last 5 years I know the importance of getting up and pushing.  I don't always reach my fitness goals...but the more often that I do the better I feel.  I can't afford to give up.  I have to keep trying to make each day better. And you do too.  It was weeks of wearing and watching my fitbit...eventually I did hit the 10k goal! And now it is a common occurrence--yet I celebrate it every time!

Don't say you can't... proudly set your goals...celebrate each one.   I can remember the thrill of moving from "obese" to overweight on the BMI chart.  Now I am in the "normal" range...but determined not to settle until I reach the midpoint of that.

Remember success is failure turned inside out.  We can do this!