Saturday, April 30, 2016

Book Review: the Organized Homeschool Life

So much more than a book review!  This is a book recommendation!!
I purchased this book myself and I am sharing it because it has stirred my heart and given me hope!
by Dr. Melanie Wilson

Over the past several months I have "met" Melanie on Periscope--and it has been an instant friendship and mentorship!

The book!!

Melanie--you messed up a little....this book is for everyone--even non homeschoolers!

First--the book is divided
*by months
*by weeks

Second--use it how it works for you!

As I read through the Table of Contents I wanted to jump in and do every week this week!  But I stepped back and considered starting with week one.  Then I thought I would embrace May--since tomorrow is May 1.  The first week of May challenge is:  "Organize Clothing Challenge" so "week 19" will be where I start.

Week 20 is the organize vacation challenge.  Our vacation is a few months away--although I am at week 19 in life right now... week 20 is months away.  Ah! But the book is flexible!  I will just look at the list and see which one feels like where I am.

Is this overwhelming? No--it is like a gentle conversation with a friend over a cup of tea. You know-- you mention a struggle and the friend confides that she has been there and tells you what she did.

Each week is broken up into simple tasks/goals to help you conquer the challenge.

Will I arrive to an organized life in 52 weeks?
No because life continues.  But I will have a framework that will help me feel focused and secure.

Thanks Melanie for the book--

for the conversation!

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