Sunday, April 3, 2016

Finishing Strong

Fridays lesson was school day number 150 and lesson number 145!  This year the two little guys are using the ABEKA book curriculum it has 170 lessons--so the end is in sight!! It has been a good year --and I am thankful.  But as next year's curriculum arrives I find myself forcing myself to focus on the task at hand! We must finish the year strong!!

The new shiny books and organized lab kits are calling to me!  Our curriculum choices for next year will be a post soon...spoiler alert:  I will tell you that we are going to be adopting the Charlotte Mason Method.

Back to finishing the year is the plan:
--field trips--we need to have 177 days of school. We have 25 more lessons so I have 2 days for exploring in real life.  First on the list is the science center in St.Louis and next a mission conference.
--as the year closes we need to sort and purge school supplies.
--decide which non consumables I want to sell, trade, share
--evaluate our schooling area and consider how it might be arranged better {I already want to paint it a fresh color}
--start finalizing my records
I hope everyone will join us in finishing strong!