Wednesday, May 31, 2017

I Am Back Fitbit!

About a month ago I got busy. I was doing some good things. But I let my exercise slip. And each day I didn't make the effort to get back on track I noticed the effects.

A few few days ago a friend contacted me and encouraged me to get back on track. The first day I didn't make it... nor the second. But yesterday I made my step goal! It was the first time since April 7!  The friend and I live several hours apart--but walking with fitbit allows us to "walk together", watch each others progress, and send encouraging notes!

I am going to try again today!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Patton Museum of Leadership

Another day of exploring our community!  Today we got 1year visitor passes to Fort Knox and toured the Patton Museum. The museum was so interesting and inspiring.

This quote rang truth in my heart.  I feel it should be every leaders motto.

And yes...tanks!!

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Book Review: The Life Giving Home

I was wanting a read that would inspire me as a mom. This summer has already been so busy. And I know that May will soon fade into August. I have been de-cluttering, cleaning, organizing, trying to work down my "fix-it" list. But about a week ago I had an urge to be refreshed and inspired.  I asked a few mom friends for a book suggestion. Thinking that someone would know of a great devotional. But that suggestion never came.  One evening I was shopping on Amazon and looking at a book-- for a whole other purpose and this book came up in the "others also bought" list! SO I CLICKED BUY

The book arrived--and I was consumed! My heart was alive! I am constantly remembering small things that my family has enjoyed in the past. I have stopped to take time to do the small things that the boys want to do.

This time of refreshing can only be summed up in a quote I read once:  

"Try to create the HOME you would want to live in."

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Family Fun Cafe & Ice Cream

On our journey to see what is around us we ventured out to Family Fun Cafe and Ice Cream
in Radcliffe, Kentucky.  My husband said this was not a one time deal-- WE ARE PATRONS!!!  That means we enjoyed it so much that they will be seeing us a lot!
The ice cream is wonderful!  And the atmosphere is so friendly!  And relaxing!
**There are NO screens-- except for cell phones in pockets :-)
**Plenty of tables and benches as well as a counter of GAMES--the kind that you actually play with other LIVE people sitting across from you!

Friday, May 26, 2017

Swope Yesteryear Car Museum

Today I took the guys to Swope's Yesteryear Car Museum. I am pretty sure we will not be taking a vacation this year. Next year we have big plans! But starting this summer I am trying to make sure that they see all the neat things here in our town! Swope's was the perfect place to start! When in Elizabeth town Kentucky don't miss it!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

2017-2018 Curriculum

Smith Classical Academy is on summer break!

However organizing and planning is in full force!

8th grade will be Abeka video {as a trial year to see if we want to take this route for high school.

6th grade:

Harcourt Spelling 6
Rod & Staff English 6
Mystery of History Vol.I
Saxon 7/6
Bob Jones Reading 6
Apologia Anatomy and Physiology(Sem. 2)
Apologia Zoology 3 (Sem. 1)

Fourth Grade:

Bob Jones Reading 4 (ordered)
Apologia Chemistry and Physics (elementary)
Rod and Staff English 4
Harcourt Spelling 4
Rod and Staff Penmanship
Mystery of History Volume 1
Saxon 5/4

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


We are out of school for the summer and I am preparing for the new year. As I come across things I meant to share during school I will try to share now!
I have a wipe off grid poster. Across I letter A-J and down I number 1-10.
One player:
* I give out math facts/history questions
*a correct answer gets two "shots" (guesses) to find my battle ship.
*I graph my ships on a piece of graph paper
*game is complete when all of my ships are sunk.
*ship sizes are traditional: 5,4,3,3,2

Two Player:
Rules are same as above. Each player gets their own "hit" and "miss" color.
Happy Summer!!

Ciao! And Chow!

Friday, May 5, 2017


Friends don't let friends fail to plan!
{fail to plan,
plan to fail}

My a planner and record keeper--
but I wanted her to try my favorite homeschooling planner so I bought her one for a gift.  {the best way to recommend something is to give it as a gift!}

School year 2016-2017 is closed here! And this year before I shopped for next years curriculum I bought my planner!  The same one that kept me in line this year!

A Plan In Place planner.  

This planner is truly the best! {And over my schooling years I have tried quite a few!} Probably the success is because it was designed by two homeschooling moms! {Thanks Suzanne and Kim!}

I loved the weekly layout!
I was able to track all 3 of my guys work and piano practice! The menu plan at the bottom of the page was a constant reminder if I needed to start prep during the day.

On the website there are several options for customizing your planner....but I will share a special favor that they did for me :-) Since I am keeping the planner for a record of our schooling I asked for an attendance record added. {This is already in the student planner.}

The mom planner has so many neat record keeping pages...but here are two of my favorite!

Just a simple review just for fun for my homeschooling moms.
Check out all of the options here!