Sunday, May 28, 2017

Book Review: The Life Giving Home

I was wanting a read that would inspire me as a mom. This summer has already been so busy. And I know that May will soon fade into August. I have been de-cluttering, cleaning, organizing, trying to work down my "fix-it" list. But about a week ago I had an urge to be refreshed and inspired.  I asked a few mom friends for a book suggestion. Thinking that someone would know of a great devotional. But that suggestion never came.  One evening I was shopping on Amazon and looking at a book-- for a whole other purpose and this book came up in the "others also bought" list! SO I CLICKED BUY

The book arrived--and I was consumed! My heart was alive! I am constantly remembering small things that my family has enjoyed in the past. I have stopped to take time to do the small things that the boys want to do.

This time of refreshing can only be summed up in a quote I read once:  

"Try to create the HOME you would want to live in."