Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Week 2 of Summer School

I am so excited to share our morning basket for our second week of "summer schooling".
My two oldest guys are doing a couple of pages a day in Handwriting for teens.

Just for fun and to keep sharp we are doing about 10 minutes a day of flash card drills followed by a group activity from Family Math.

Our artist study is Norman Rockwell.  So far we have watched a short biography about him on YouTube.  We have a calendar of his pictures we are studying.  We are finding common features in each (like how his name is always signed in stencil).  Recently we found three puzzles of his work and have put these together as a family.

While the boys work on the puzzle is a great time to get in another chapter of our current read-a-loud: Islands of the Blue Dolphins.

What fun things have you found to keep your homeschoolers fresh and sharp?