Sunday, May 15, 2016

Plan Now!

Plan your field trips now!  I know everyone hasn't finished school yet...but I also know that the curriculum sales are in full force!  However it is the greatest time to plan field trips!  Last year --about this time I found that there were a little over 700 FREE tickets available for students to The Louisville Youth Orchestra! When I called to reserve our Homeschool tickets the operator told me I got the first five! SCORE!!!

Also I was able to purchase State Fair tickets for $2each!  State fair is a great way to start the school year!  

State fairs are a great places to collect information about great places drivable, local festivals, historical re-inactments and friendly farms.

Start making plans now so that after life gets busy with schooling and public schools begin to fill up the venues you have tickets! 

Last summer I noticed that the Nina and Pinta floating museums were docking for a few days only an hour from us and the VERY week my fourth grader was studying Columbus!

Plan now!