Monday, May 30, 2016


I came across this picture and screen shot it:

I am not even sure what it was attached to or about but it struck a chord in my heart.  I have had to think over this.  Lately I seem to be pondering forgiveness, resolution, and trying to let people know they matter.

** forgiveness-- seems to sweetest when served sooner rather than later
--the hardest person for me to forgive is myself.  I find after I allow myself to forgive someone I feel the release of the prison of hurt and bitterness from offender but I can't always free my self from the guilt of my part of the offense even just for initial investment of conflict.

*Resolution--sometimes resolution takes time. Sometimes it just can never happen.  I have learned from experience that when both parties can agree the only solution is to start from where you are now.  The past can't be fixed or rebuilt sqq sometimes you just have to start from this moment on.  Agree to build from here.  Don't reach into the past and try to build with damaged materials.

Peace cannot happen on broken bridge --forgive those.  Move on. Find a strong place to build.


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