Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Don't Just Survive

So today is our 22nd day of homeschool. It hasn't been easy or a thrill ride. But is hasn't been awful either.  But I am choosing not to only survive  but also to THRIVE.
Things that have been great:
--I absolutely love the co-op school that Ben is attending.  He goes to co-op one day a week and schools at home the other 4 days. {I may have to do a complete post on co-op school later}
--I am loving the one on one time that I have with the boys so that I can see exactly where and why they are struggling.
--it is so satisfying to see each of them grasp a new idea.

Areas that have improved :(thriving)
--I finally have the laundry in a controllable cycle
--we are following and shopping by a menu
--since my husband has a crazy work schedule I allow the boys one of his week days off in exchange for them working on a Saturday. 

The guys have started to pick up some independence. And I am thrilled with that. By them working on their school work because they want to makes this so much more enjoyable. 
Allowing them to pick what to work on has been a huge hit.  As long as 5 lessons are completed in each of the 7 subjects by the end of the week I am happy.  So I just had one do all of his reading lessons yesterday plus 2 history --his goal was a math less day!

Here is a picture of a locust skin.  Going out to the yard to find an exoskeleton was more impressionable that a week of reading and worksheets. 
Thrive moms--that is what will keep your homeschool  "alive".