Thursday, September 3, 2015

Just Do It

My years growing up are filled with wonderful memories of camping all over the western United States and some of the Canadian provinces.  I took it for granted.  I never realized the work that went into those trips until now.  My guys have begged for a campout. We had a tent--the struggle of knowing I would be obligated to sleep out there held me back. But they had finally talked Bryan into I couldn't wimp out.
While they were putting up the tent Eli reminded me that all was missing was marshmallows. So I forced myself to run out to Dollar General before closing.  I was checking out and the teenage clerk said "I am glad you didn't get graham crackers and Hershey's too". I asked him why and he explained that he hadn't had s'more s since he was 4 and he was always jealous when he knew families were doing the campfire thing.  I just smiled and assured him that he'd do that soon. Then I rushed home to make sure little guys marshmallow roasting dreams came true!
Already planning our next time at a campground! 
Sometimes you just have to stop and live.

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