Sunday, June 28, 2015

Oh What A Read!

I broke down and finally purchased an ebook!  Several times I had picked this book up carried it through the book store and then changed my mind.  But finally the other night I had the urge to read it again.  So I bought it and downloaded it!

How ironic!

A book about tidying!  And I never have to put it away!  It is a quick and an inspiring read!  Am I where I want to be in my organization? No.  But I have direction.  I am conscientiously tidying, allowing myself to discard and donate things that are not bringing me joy.  I am seeing my closets as awake time centers awake time and not others hiding places.
Clutter not only is a thief of real estate in our homes--but of peace too.  Tomorrow my big plans is to begin celebrating my choice of letting go by delivering donations to some local thrift stores.  

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


My neurologist has been onto me to eat more fish. I like fish I just really don't know how to cook it.  So I read the package and studied it on line and the is what I came up with:
1st spray pan with nonstick spray
Next preheat oven to 425°
**I placed the filets in a deep baking pan.
**sprinkled on some Lawry season salt 
**and some  garlic garlic seasoning by Tastefully Simple
**thin slice of butter on each

**baked at 425° for 8 minutes 

So delicious! !!!!

House vs. HOME

I live in a typical house. With 4 males. But that is no excuse. I have decided to show my house some love. Our house is a good size--4 bedrooms, 3 baths. It is fully functional.  And I have neglected continually keeping it "homey" thinking that  guys don't care...but they do!

Last week I ventured a summer mantel. And each of them have loved it!  And not destroyed it...In fact each has even had to reattach the banner a couple of times :-)

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Planner Mom!

Yeah, I have a smartphone.  And yes I know how to use it.   But a paper calendar that I can touch makes events concrete in my heart.  Seeing events on a grid of blocks helps me see where I can be more flexible.   My heart has been smitten by these Plum Paper Planners .

The one with the hearts is my personal planner. In addition to calendar pages I added fitness pages and household planner section.
I ordered  my planner to start in July and run until June. --As a mom of school age children that is the rotation of my life too.

The second planner is to keep up with the childrens schooling. 

In the class blocks I will keep up with each child and the other blocks for our extra activities. 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Honeydori Passport Notebook

Last week I won a Honeydori Passport Notebook from Jennifer D Phipps Etsy shop on Instagram.
So I just wanted to share how I set mine up.
I purchased two notebooks from her. The first one I am keeping track of my summer projects. In that one I am making notes to compare prices of materials and also so a have measurements with me as I shop.
The second one in am keeping track of my penpals.