Sunday, June 28, 2015

Oh What A Read!

I broke down and finally purchased an ebook!  Several times I had picked this book up carried it through the book store and then changed my mind.  But finally the other night I had the urge to read it again.  So I bought it and downloaded it!

How ironic!

A book about tidying!  And I never have to put it away!  It is a quick and an inspiring read!  Am I where I want to be in my organization? No.  But I have direction.  I am conscientiously tidying, allowing myself to discard and donate things that are not bringing me joy.  I am seeing my closets as awake time centers awake time and not others hiding places.
Clutter not only is a thief of real estate in our homes--but of peace too.  Tomorrow my big plans is to begin celebrating my choice of letting go by delivering donations to some local thrift stores.