Monday, May 2, 2016

Shhhhh It is M*A*T*H

My 4th grader just completed fourth grade a few hours ago!  And hopefully we will close out 2nd grade in the next few days!

And I am just about to introduce our summer mathematical goals!  Just a few weeks ago some moms were sharing about "Family Math" on Periscope Homeschoolscopes. 

I found it used on Amazon. Used with shipping less than $5!

Family Math is full of games,logic projects, and puzzles.  It is geared to grades kindergarten to fifth grade.  The object seems to be to solve these together. 

My hope is the each morning after we finish our flashcard drills the we will enjoy one or two of the projects together.  That way the boys will stay sharp on their skills while enjoying math.  I really can't use the phrase "summer school" as I am adopting "unschooling"!  I really feel Family Math is the perfect entrance for us.

Hello Summer!