Tuesday, February 9, 2016

#lettermo UPDATE

To review the project:
**February is letter writing month
**Rules of #lettermo there are no rules
-write letters,post cards,ext.
-send mail everyday the mail runs

I have missed some days. But others mailed 2!  I have six pieces ready to leave tomorrow.

Benefits--the feeling you get from knowing that someone is going to be thrilled to hear from you. Letters are cozy and are so much more fun to hold that an email or voice mail.

During #lettermo a response has not been my goal--altgough I have received one letter and a card.

Oh the card!!

This afternoon I found that someone had anonymously placed a sweet card and a gift card to me in my mailbox!  I have no clue who and really that is making it even more fun! Topp't is my new favorite place to eat...and I am thinking my own mom doesn't even know that!

If I ever learn who that will get a big hug from me!

Send some mail!
Spread joy--and hope!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Bullet Journal

{Hand raised}
I am a list maker.
I am a paper planner.

And always looking for ways to be more efficient without overwhelming myself.

And now I am crossing over and joining BULLET JOURNAL-ers! Maybe. Giving it a fair try anyway!

So I pulled out a partially used notebook and and started!

This is my beginning key...I borrowed it as I looked around online--maybe it will evolve as I find my way.

And I started a list of bullet journalist to watch.

February calendar page.

Index page

Future log

I made a key card to move along my daily pages so I be be consistent in my journaling.

So this is my first day. I would love suggestions! Please leave them in the comments! Thanks!

Friday, February 5, 2016


February is letter writing month!  I am a HUGE fan of handwritten/typed letters!

The goal of #lettermo is to: send something through the post every day it runs in February--which will be 24 times in 2016.

You can get all the details at www.lettermo.com

Come on and join the movement! An email is fast but doesn't have the same lasting effect as a snail mail letter.

I posted my 5th piece for the month today...one person I sent two. I hope the recipients enjoy this as much as I have.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Review: Write Through The Bible

Disclosure: this is not an ad
I have not been asked to do this
This post is just simply "mom to mom sharing".

Shamelessly sometimes I comb through Web at night looking for answers to my needs.

One night recently on Pinterest I saw a post about Write Through the Bible workbooks. I loved the simplicity and the concept of repetition of the scriptures.

So I looked on my favorite store website --Amazon.com   and found one!!

The first 3 days the student copies one verse. The next couple of days they look up and define  vocabulary words. Then they write the dictated verse. This goes on until they have learned the verses of the passage. I am in love!

The workbook I chose for our first one is Psalms 1,23,& 121 (KJV)

Check these out www.intoxicatedonlife.com

This has happily taken the place of our second and fourth grade ABEKA handwriting books.