Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Review: Write Through The Bible

Disclosure: this is not an ad
I have not been asked to do this
This post is just simply "mom to mom sharing".

Shamelessly sometimes I comb through Web at night looking for answers to my needs.

One night recently on Pinterest I saw a post about Write Through the Bible workbooks. I loved the simplicity and the concept of repetition of the scriptures.

So I looked on my favorite store website   and found one!!

The first 3 days the student copies one verse. The next couple of days they look up and define  vocabulary words. Then they write the dictated verse. This goes on until they have learned the verses of the passage. I am in love!

The workbook I chose for our first one is Psalms 1,23,& 121 (KJV)

Check these out

This has happily taken the place of our second and fourth grade ABEKA handwriting books.