Tuesday, September 1, 2015

January 1st Is Not Magical

January 1st is not magical.  But people wait for it.  We have all heard  and/or said it. January 1st I am going to :
--start a diet
--begin a budget
--get organized
...and we know what happens --January 8th does. {L.I.F.E.} And we have to accept that we woke up no different.
Today is September 1st.  I have been considering what I need THIS September to be.  Instead of overwhelming myself with lofty goals...or chastising myself for ones missed in August, July, June. ...---》 I am choosing to celebrate success, victories, journeys endured--completed.
Over the past 30ish months I have lost 60lbs. Currently  13 away from my goal.  This 13lbs seems to be the hardest.  (That is my current feeling --but I know in my heart the slow start was the most discouraging)
Clutter has always been a downfall of mine.  I hate parting with s.t.u.f.f. So I came across The Minimalist  www.theminimalists.com. As a Christian I have quoted "Thou shall not covet" since early Sunday school. In my mind has always interpreted that as "wanting expensive things". Nowadays I am seeing it as no contentment.
I started eating better July 4th, 2013...when a nurse asked me why I didn't go on the MS Recovery Diet.  I hadn't because I simply didn't know about it. Even after 2 yrs on it I am slacking some and feeling the effects. Definitely don't want to wait on shaping up!
At the beginning of the year I started writing letters to old friends ---sometimes people contacted me back. I need to do that weekly.
I could go on and on. ...but I wont---my message is I cannot wait for January 1st...I must live now. TODAY.
Join me in living.

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