Thursday, August 27, 2015

A Measure of Success

Okay so I am back into NON-SUPERMOM role.

And if you truly know me you know that I have never even visited that role.

Mom of three boys.
I have 2 loads of clothes to fold, one to dry and another that needs put away.
The dishwasher needs loaded. {which means it also needs unloaded!}
Yes! All the beds are made!!
The middle child is just now practicing piano.
Everyone is done with school for today!  And that is what want to share!  For the past 2 years the boys attended a wonderful christian school. But I had the child that about every third day {sometimes every 2nd....and yes sometimes every single day) would bring home his entire day of school home to do!  Fortunately sometimes I got to work at the school and I could catch him zoning out or be there to promise him a blizzard on the way home if he got his work done.  So I was constantly faced with paying tuition yet homeschooling every night because I have--that kid.

I am determined to have a great school year.  So I have been been asking God to help me with this child.  If the responsibility is mine to nurture him into being diligent and on-task then I am needing some motherhood wisdom.

Here is the idea that I am trying first:
 I listed his subjects. Then I numbered the school lesson across the tom. the top half has wide washi tape to block out Monday since that was a field trip. I drew this up while we were at the library. I school the two younger boys at the library on Tuesdays while the oldest attends a local co-op fro the whole day. I go to the co- op for a couple of hours to put in my volunteer hours.  So on Tuesday I gave him the option of choosing whatever subject he wanted to work and I gave him the option of doing as many lessons in that subject as he wanted.

So here is the big picture ..I explained it to him in bits:

-he has seven subjects
-this is a short week because of the field trip.
-by Friday afternoon he has to have 28 lessons completed.
-he has to do at least 7 a day....but he can choose which ones to do.  We choose a color for each day.
-if he does extra lessons then there is a possibility of having a shorter day on Friday or even having Friday OFF!!

So you can see where we are on this first Thursday afternoon :-) 

He is having a short day tomorrow.

As this moment he feels success and so do I!
I already have next weeks drawn out...And if he gets motivated he may have Friday off next week.{And if he has Friday off that means I do too}

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  1. I think you are a Super Mom even when you don't. Thanks for sharing this idea with us at #WednesdaysWisdom and hope to see you next week.

    1. super moms really exists? lol!!

  2. Motherhood wisdom is such an elusive concept, but you certainly have plenty of it. I hope your invention works and you get a Friday off next week. You deserve it! And even if it doesn't work, I have no doubt in my mind that you will come up with something else that will work. Thanks for sharing with us and thanks for the link back! Good luck!

    1. we are in the 2nd week!!! and it has him going :-)

  3. Good job mom! Coming up with a way to make your child feel in control of his accomplishments and success!

    1. far know boys ;-)