Saturday, February 21, 2015


If you follow me on Instagram you know that I live wearing my fitbitflex band.  I started on March30,2014 and today I was looking at my stats.  Fitbit shows my stats starting 3.18.14--maybe 365 days ago?  Anyway I am more than pleased and thankful.  Yesterday I rolled over 2 million steps!!   I have had good days and great days!!! But those who have known me very long know that I have Multiple Sclerosis.  And my progress is truly a miracle.  Twice in 2013 I had episodes that left me unable to walk unassisted more that a couple of feet.  I kept my faith in God that my Creator could heal me and give me the determination to go on.

2 million steps is really huge in my life!  I love my fitbit.  People are always asking me...$100 does it work? is the truth.  No, I work.  And it keeps me honest.  I check my stats through out the day and it shows me if I have really been moving or not.  Does it work?  I did Weight Watchers off and on for years.  WW probably works...but I still hauled my own spoon--and spent way more than $100.

The active minutes shown by fitbit--are very active...and unless I am on the treadmill I rarely rack very many.

I love my fitbit:
I love the online community.
I love my friends who are also fitbitters and invite my to daily challenges.
**Tammy an old college friend living in Oklahoma
**Christy friend a couple miles away
**Crystal life long friend in Alabama
**Kelly a friend I know through spinning and weaving in Florida
**Luna--she told me about fitbit to begin with!!

My fitbit is set to vibrate to remind me to take my meds...and several times has saved me!

My neurologist can check my stat charts. And we can go over my averages and see improvement.

Fitbit has been an investment. An investment in my health.

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