Thursday, February 19, 2015

Diaper Duty

So I joined the 40 Bags in 40 Days challenge again this year.  Ann Marie from white House Black Shutters has been hosting this challenge for 5 years.  Last year I completed it and this year that is my goal too.  Whether you do five bags, forty or a hundred you are a winner because you free yourself from more clutter!

Today is my second day...I  was cleaning a shelf in the closet of our master bath...and I found this diaper. I wanted to hide it.  Put it somewhere special.  Because every mom realizes that those size 2 diapers have their own story.  Size 2 diaper is when you realize that guests arrive not bearing baby gifts anymore.  Size 2 actually cost more!  And size 2 is when you are so on your own financially too.  Preemie, newborn and size one are the cutie diapers.  Guests will even offer to change the dirty one because they are so sweet....but size 2?  Oh no they be catching the peas, green beans and prune juice!

Size two screamed because you were out of sight while you took a quick potty break of your own. Size 2 finally had a bowel movement when you got a moment to bathe them.  Size 2 is when you want to sleep through the night! **what a wish!** And you discover the need for size 2 when you have more week than paycheck!

And some of us celebrated picking up the first pack of size 2 along with a pregnancy test.  Don't judge.

I held the little diaper for a moment.  Then I pitched it. Hiding it. Holding it.  Would not put another little baby in my arms.  But yeah I took the picture and I shared it with you.  It is a memory.  And next time a little mommy lets me hold her little size 2 treasure.  I will let her have a moment to breathe, to rest, and maybe I will even pick up a package of those size 2 diapers!

**disclaimer:  my last size 2 will be 7 in April!!There  are many wonderful times after that size 2 diaper but enjoy it too!!

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