Thursday, January 26, 2017

Raising Readers

Raising readers is important to me.  I guess because I am a reader. And maybe it is because that is how I was raised.  My brother and I have both been readers as long as I can remember.  How did that happen? How did my parents raise readers? 
     **They always had LOTS of reading materials around.
     **They got rid of our TV when I was in the 5th grade.
     **When my brother and I got into a series...they helped us get the next book .
     **They talked to us about what we were reading.
     **They talked to us about what they were reading.
     **Often they would also read what we were reading.
     **My parents read to us.  Today if you are at my parents home my dad will at some point read to you.!!
Today Eli started reading a biography of Neil Armstrong.  Yes it is assigned reading, but he must be enjoying it because he is telling facts and stories of that hero.
Ben started reading The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P.Figg.  This is an assigned reading from his language arts class at the co-op.  I am happy that he enjoys reading the assigned selections.
Nate hasn't always been my zealous reader.  Nowadays as he matures and is finding that reading is not a struggle....he seems to be acquiring a love for reading.  He along with his brothers is in love with audio books.

Today we started a new "read-a-long".  At lunch I began reading They Called Me Mama to the boys.  I hope to share a chapter each day at lunch with them.  If you are looking for a great family read check out this lovely story!

If you have a family reading suggestion leave me a comment!
Readers are leaders!