Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Do Not Try This At Home

Sharing our sibling science again today:

First set of experiments:
Static electricity
Materials: two beautiful heads of blond hair and a plastic comb
**so I combed the lovely hair and held the comb over squares of tissue paper.  The squares moved some but I was expecting them to move more.

Second set:
Gassy Belly

First experiment:
Necco candy in water--few bubbles

Second experiment
Conversation heart candy in a solution of baking  soda and water.  The candies fizzed a little.  after a couple minutes I added vinegar and a plastic lid.  Lots of foaming and the top of the lid popped up some.

Third experiment
 A mento in little plastic cup of soda.  Quite a bit of fizzing. But I snapped on the lid and it was contained. After a few minutes we added vinegar and put the lid back of...this time the lids indented area popped up. The soda began to find loose areas around the lid and drip out.  After the solution settled some everyone begged to add baking soda. So we did!! Immediately got an erupting cloud..so we quickly snapped on the lid...as soon as I took my hand off--there was a huge POP and a platic lid flew through the air!!

The candy hearts were supposed to dance--they did not...however the mento explosion was the hit of the day!

P.S.  for the moms who are fearfully wondering...yes there were " Daddy Gas Belly Stories"!!LOL!!!