Friday, May 13, 2016

My Library is Happening!!

Years ago I worked in the library at the college I attended.  Recently I have came across moms in the homeschooling blogging world that have personal libraries!!! like 1000s of books!!!  I know this is my destiny!

 My job was repairing books and cataloguing audio {read cassette tapes!}  Having that job from time to time I came across treasures!  One such book arrived to my station basically a s a stack of pages.  I totally rebound it and read it.  Afterward I read it and shared it with patrons.  Soon it was the "hot" read and not available.

  In my library venture I knew I needed this book!  I bought it last week on Amazon for 78 cents!  Four dollars shipping!  And it arrived today in MINT SHAPE!!!!!!

This is a very exciting start to my own personal library!