Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Confession: Not A Super Mom

So here it is noon 3rd day of school.    Maybe half way done with our day.  Truthfully we had to finish a little of yesterday's work. But I am not dismayed.   I am giving myself a few days to find our routine .  

I am allowing the laundry to go unfinished. 
We are having leftovers from last night for dinner. 
Unfinished tasks will be there when I have a moment to spare.
For today it was important to:
♡show my 6th grader how fractions work and using pizza to make it logical.
♡help my 4th grader find how many states have a chicken as their state bird
♡and worked through capital cursive "E".  That is my little guy's struggle for today.

...sigh...the adjective I choose for today is PRESENT. ..present mom is the mom my kids have needed today.