Saturday, January 3, 2015

Good Start!!

 I have huge fitness goals!  I have been diagnosed with MS since June 2011.  During that time I have learned to walk twice.  My gait in not great and my endurance needs to improve.  I am very thankful for where I am.  Last summer I was so into my Fitbit Flex and got in such great shape.  As the colder months came on I slowed down but I am ready once again to get in shape.  My fitbit has been a great friend.  I am so motivated to beat my day before stats...or to stay up at night until I get those 10k steps in!

I have already shared that my word for 2015 is consistent.  Exercise is an area that I need to keep consistent.  I really do feel so much better when I exercise consistently.

Often people ask about my fitbit flex and want to know if it really helps and if it is worth the money.  The fitbit flex is just a tool and if I don't use the tool then no it does not.

For me the fitbit is a great help.  I have alarms set to remind me to take my medicine.  Several times I have totally forgot to take my medicine and when my band vibrates I was reminded.

It helps keep me honest.  I sometimes think I have been to busy and look at my stats and have to get all honest with myself.  My doctor can pull up my stats and see if I have been moving.

I have several fitbit friends that keep up with me.  they send me challenges through the fitbit network and then compete with me.  Sometimes they will check my stats and send me a cheer or a message to see if I am doing okay.

I am not afraid of accountability so the fitbit flex has been great for me.

I have fitness goals for the new year and I have confidence that if I am consistent I can meet my goals!

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