Saturday, January 31, 2015

Planner Addiction

So I have recently been stricken with planner addiction!  I have searched stores and on line shops for the planner for me.  I found so many lovely planners on line-- I needed to be able to touch and hold the planner to know if it was for me.

And so I found a lovely planner at Barnes and Nobles. But it had a draw was seamed down the middle for the binding.  In all my searching my heart kept returning to this planner.

So I bit the bullet--and at a wonderful time...75% off clearance! Not phased by the binding I took it straight to Staples had the binding trimmed and spiral bound!
Now my lovely planner lays flat!

Off to plan February!! Cheers dear reader!!

"Fail to plan,
Plan to fail'

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Empathy vs. Sympathy

This is me:
A few months ago...but something about it seems to capture what I think people see when they look at me.  This picture was taken at a local fiber arts studio.  The owner is a dear friend of mine and she took this with her cell phone.  Just how she saw me that day and thought I needed a picture :-)

I often wonder how I am perceived.  I openly share about my medical condition.  Not for sympathy but a true desire that I can encourage someone to believe that there is hope.  And to share information that may be passed to someone that can benefit from my experiences.

When I talk to people also suffering Multiple Sclerosis  or something similar I try to share and encourage from where they are.  Not to be disheartened or jealous if they are doing better than I am.  And not to push them into defeat or make them feel that I think they are just willingly succumbing.

I share because I am all about spreading hope.  Restoring belief. Raising faith.  And most of all letting them feel me walking beside them--not over them, not behind them, not in front of them.

I don't think that I "pull the sick card"....But not always do people see my limitations.  So sometimes I do have to say..."give me an extra moment my _____ doesn't work like everyone else".

I don't for sympathy but so that I can let people see from  where I am.

Sympathy:  Acknowledging another person's emotional hardships and providing comfort and assurance.

Empathy:   Understanding what others are feeling because you have experienced it yourself or can put yourself in their shoes.

Sharing this song that spoke to my heart even before I become ill.

I remember a few years ago a friend of mine went through two still born births back to back. One day while just quietly listening to her share the story again while she was still sorting the details in her heart she told me.  "Back when you lost babies I always felt sad for you but now I know that pain."  That is empathy...even if you don't know the struggle--reaching for the place to know the feeling.  I don't want or need sympathy.  But I always need people to see the view from my shoes.  And I sincerely try to look at others circumstances from where they are.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Good Start!!

 I have huge fitness goals!  I have been diagnosed with MS since June 2011.  During that time I have learned to walk twice.  My gait in not great and my endurance needs to improve.  I am very thankful for where I am.  Last summer I was so into my Fitbit Flex and got in such great shape.  As the colder months came on I slowed down but I am ready once again to get in shape.  My fitbit has been a great friend.  I am so motivated to beat my day before stats...or to stay up at night until I get those 10k steps in!

I have already shared that my word for 2015 is consistent.  Exercise is an area that I need to keep consistent.  I really do feel so much better when I exercise consistently.

Often people ask about my fitbit flex and want to know if it really helps and if it is worth the money.  The fitbit flex is just a tool and if I don't use the tool then no it does not.

For me the fitbit is a great help.  I have alarms set to remind me to take my medicine.  Several times I have totally forgot to take my medicine and when my band vibrates I was reminded.

It helps keep me honest.  I sometimes think I have been to busy and look at my stats and have to get all honest with myself.  My doctor can pull up my stats and see if I have been moving.

I have several fitbit friends that keep up with me.  they send me challenges through the fitbit network and then compete with me.  Sometimes they will check my stats and send me a cheer or a message to see if I am doing okay.

I am not afraid of accountability so the fitbit flex has been great for me.

I have fitness goals for the new year and I have confidence that if I am consistent I can meet my goals!

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Friday, January 2, 2015


My word for 2015 is CONSISTENT.

My 2014 word was GRACE.  I want to keep grace and be consistent.

I want to be consistent in:
-my faith
-my mothering
-my hope

Being consistent make me stronger.

I feel focused.