Sunday, December 28, 2014

Going Postal

January 1 is almost here.  Like others I am looking back yet dreaming ahead. Dreaming, hoping, planning.  Many of my goals deal with improvement.  And perhaps I will blog about them later.

For today I want to share a tug that is on my heart.  I have over the holidays thought of many people.  And many that I have lost touch with.  Many that I still have involved in my life.  Yet I know if tomorrow I could never reach out to them what would I wished I had said?  Did I need to tell them "thank you"--for a favor or just for being there when I needed them?  Maybe I need to reach out and let them know that I am here even we have drifted apart?  Or maybe I just need to share?  Maybe just the thought would be a spark that would encourage them on?

So my new "life goal" starting today-- because I know that January 1 is not magic--today I am going to write letters.  It will probably take me years and maybe my life but the important thing is that one letter at a time I reach out.

I know that it is easy to call, text, or email...but a written letter is something that I can touch.  And the recipient can touch, carry, review from time to time and keep.

Years over 20 :-) I was in Bible college.  On Tuesday nights there was a dedicated missionary prayer service.  At that time missionaries--many that were alumni--were mentioned.  My junior year one night addresses were laid out and we were encouraged to take one--write them and get to know them.  Let them know that even though they were miles from home that someone was remembering them.  I took  a name.  A single woman working in the Philippines.  The next day I wrote her.  In fact I couldn't even wait for the response I wrote and sent a letter every day for the first two weeks!  In a short time she responded.  We kept in touch faithfully for months.  Upon her return to the USA she came to the college and visited me.  We kept in touch for a long time.  She will be my first letter this time.

Do I think everyone will respond? No.  But that is okay.  Letters will be goal is not so much for the response as much as it is to make sure I reached out :-)

Who will I write?  As people come to mind I will find addresses.  Perhaps I will learn of strangers that would like a letter...I will write them :-) 

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