Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Decision of Now

With our middle child we faced a lot of frightening news because of early and severe delays. When he did start to develop and mature mentally,emotionally and socially he was behind in school. One year but it was like two because his birthday had been six days past the cut off start date. And that would have been fine to always be the oldest in his grade if he had been at the correct level. Once he began to learn and get ahold of this education process he would complain about being with the "little kids". 

This past year he was 8 in the second grade.  Scholastically it was a great year for him. He caught on fast and made incredible grades.  So much so that he finished the grade early and started the third grade.

Even though I was so proud of him he was still disheartened.  I talked to the school staff and asked about "homeschooling" him for the summer. So now we are in our last few days of the third grade! He has done excellent!

But what I am really wanting to share with my readers are the questions and comments I have gotten from other moms:

--he is going to hate you for taking away his summer
Really?! He has still had his summer. We still went to the beach. We have still swam. (And whatever else "summer" is.) During the school year we continue to"live" doesn't take all 24 hours of each day.

--you are giving up your summer
No...I "gave up" my summers the moment I found I was carrying my first baby.  My calling in life is to raise these three guys.

--why didn't you just put him in 4th grade if you think he is ready?
He is ready in every way except he hasn't had the 3rd grade material. This summer he has quickly learned his multiplication facts,began division, learned to identify parts of speech etc...but placing him in a grade with out those tools would have set him up for failure.
I am so thankful for how well he is doing now. And I feel confident that the right decision was made.  I really feel that in a few years I will be sending a ready young man off to college and he will be silently thanking me as he kisses me goodbye.

Not all decisions in motherhood are easy...but the sacrifices are worthy!