Sunday, October 6, 2013

Nate the Great is 8!

Today Nate is 8!
Nate is great!  Being his mom is...well a lot of work.  I wanted this day to be wonderful but is just keeps getting more complicated.   Last week I had some drastic MS symptoms occur and had to push off his festivities a little.

This next occurrence I am only recording/sharing because hopefully soon it will funny.  Last nite I woke to my 9y/o vomiting.   I raced to the bathroom only to slip and fall in the trail of puke!  I fell into the doorframe...bruises and headache...still trying to catch up on missed sleep. 

But nonetheless we will celebrate!

Saturday, October 5, 2013


I dont always make a winner for dinner...but this one was!  It was a couple of recipes found on line and mixed :-)
1 head of cabbage quartered
1 t sea salt
1t black pepper
1c chicken broth
8oz chopped mushrooms
1 lb smoked sausage cut up
Dump in crocpot. Cook on low 7 hours!

New Road

It seems to me that I am always on a new road.
I have an old forgotten blog but some things have changed...
I am no longer a homeschooling mum.
Exploring a pure healing diet for me
Exploring a low carb diet for my husband

Some things are the same...
still mum to three awesome little guys
still finding my way on this journey to wellness
still learning "domestic crafts"
still busy

Welcome back old friends
Welcome new friends
Please comment and share
Together we can challenge and inspire each other.