MS Diet

I like to believe that having MS doesn't define me.  But I do realize that people are aware of it and are curious.  I am thankful for the improvement that I have seen.  I give God the credit.  I know that He has been with me in this part of my journey and that is why I am where I am today.

I do take medicine...and after 15 months on this medicine my healthcare team is not sure that this medicine is responsible for my improvement.

I have been faithfully eating according to the MSRecovery Diet by Ann D. Sawyer and Judith E. Bachrach.  I highly recommend this book.  Many sufferers of MS feel no hope.  Just a few chapters into this book and you are armed with information that spurs hope. 

The diet is not hard...a quick over view is go processed free.  Partake of anything that swims or flies, fruit & vegetables along with tree nuts.  There is pleanty to eat.  I have lived this way now for 17 months and find pleanty to eat.