Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Club 100

The door going out of our school room is steal. So I decided to take advantage of that blank area by making that our Club 100. I still had robots so I used those. Each time one of the boys makes a 100 I will put his name on a magnetic label and put it under the subject. I guess at the end of the 9 weeks I will have a prize for the one with the most.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Our First Read-a-long For 2017-18

A couple of months ago I was privileged to go through a personal library and take any and as many books as I wanted. I tried to be discreet and take only a few. This book grabbed my attention and begged to join my library.  I wasn't looking for items to sell but since I was offered this opportunity I didn't want to waste it. And I sincerely plan to read the treasures I was gifted.

TO BE OR NOT TO BE was written by S.D.Chambers the pastor of Kilburn Presbyterian Church in Newark, New Jersey , 1921.
This is a collection of sermons and talks for "juniors".  Each chapter deals with issues that begin with"B".  The "B" word is explained on a "junior" understanding.  In all there are 26 talks of "B" issues that are still prevalent for young people today.

I am enjoying these and so excited to discuss them with my three young men.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Plan for the school year

I am breaking into my update posts on the school room organizing---yeah it is still in progress but I stopped to plan a little bit. Back in the spring I blogged about ordering A Plan In Place Planner for this school year and now I am sharing it in motion!

Starting point-- Mission Board.  Mission?!
**survive the school year
**still love the boys by the end of the school year
**Everyone complete the grade
**graduate them

When I sat down and actually pondered it I found that I do have a mission beyond survival...and now to map out goals to get me there.

Next are the brainstorming blocks for each student and extra for the other things that we are involved it.  I have one for the math class that I am teaching at our  co-op----I want it to be the best math year ever for each of my students!
Next before planning our breaks I am filling life, family,and Church events that I know are happening:
Some thing never change so plan for them first. {once again Christmas will be December 25th this year!}
We already have the dates for the youth conference--so we wont to be out for that!  This is how I start my plan.  Then as life happens we can look ahead and re-arrange days as needed.

For the last two years we have ended our school year by attending a missions conference.  And that is my goal for this year too!
For daily planning I mainly record what we finished each day.  We do 170 days...Ben's work arrives broken up that way.  Nate's work follows the co-op and so with Eli I have to make sure that he completes his grade when the other 2 finish . Beside the weekly plan page there is a page for me to keep track of the boys music practice, youth group activities, volunteer obligations,recitals, and so forth.  Across the bottom: A WEEKLY MENU PLAN! that is an area that I am trying to submit to and practice.  Want to try some of these to see if this is the planner for you?  Free printable here!

Hopefully my next post will be progress in the school room :-)

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Reading Bulletin Board

I am planning to share our school room for 2017-2018 as it comes keep checking back.
Ben will be schooling in his room this year since he will be doing ABEKA DVD and I don't want the other 2 watching his videos instead of doing their own work.  We don't exactly have a true "school room" but we have an open area off from the den that walks out of the basement.  It is a great space!  The area has a door that opens to Ben's bathroom so our school will have a convenient bathroom!

Nate and Eli will have tables to work at--even though there are 6th and 4th grade I want to keep the room decor fun.

So our motivational bulletin board :-)

Nate's reading record:
Eli's reading record:

I think that the little bulletin board kit came with about 30 blank belly every time they each finish reading a book I will make a title label and stick it on the robot belly!

Thanks for reading!  I hope that as I post our "school room" that something may spark an idea for your school this year!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Yard sale treasure!

Several years ago I this tool box at a yard sale for $2!!( <-----sometimes I am amazed about how I can remember details of insignificant events!!)  I brought it home and over the years have used it to organize scrapbook supplies, and other crafty hobby supplies.  For the last several years it has sat in storage. And several times I have tried to give it away!!  Today I cleaned it out and I wanted to paint it...but something about the heat index being in the low 100's I am putting that off until a better day. Even so look!!  Is this not an excellent storage for our school supplies?!  The lid lifts and in there I am storing answer keys.

If you missed out on taking this out of my ways--sorry! But knowing how I am one day as our homeschooling room and needs evolve I am sure it will be up for grabs again.  And I hope by then I have it nicely painted!

To Co Op or Not?

I share openly with parents that are working out how to school their children my own experiences.  Do I know it all? No, but I think I have been down all the roads: public school, private school, home school, and homeschooling with help. My personal favorite?  Homeschooling with help.

Homeschooling with help--co op has been my most successful choice.   The term "Co op"comes from the word "cooperation".

Cooperation by definition:  an act or instance of working or acting together for a common purpose or benefit;
joint action. 

At my local co op we have parents who take on all kinds of jobs so that other parents can provide opportunities for their children.---But this can not be carried out as an individual.  One parent may coach but other parents may have to take on other jobs: carpooling, snacks, and so forth. My local co op is large enough the we have an academic co op(grades 6-12) and an enrichment co op(preschool-6th grade).  Some parents volunteer to teach a class a class while others divide up the other responsibilities that are vital to the program. 

Belonging to a group not only provides accountability but it also ensures support.  On more than one occasion I have been able to draw from another homeschooling moms experience.

Co ops are usually made by a group of members with similar values. My local homeschooling co op is made up families practicing the christian faith.

 10As every man hath received the gift, even so minister the same one to another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God. 
I Peter 4:10 KJV